Physical Security


Our Physical Protection Program guarantees high quality private security services provided by specialized experienced professionals. We identify the needs and understand the complexity of your organization to design customized solutions.

Executive & VIP’s Protection

  • World-class Executive Protection Services.

  • Close protection services for Executives, VIP’s, Celebrities, Politicians and High Net Worth clients.

  • Our team of experts is mostly integrated by former members of the armed forces trained in the UK, US and LATAM.

  • Security Drivers, Close Protection Officers and high standard Armored and Non-Armored vehicles with IVMS incorporated.

  • LATAM coverage.


Travel Security

  • Travel Security Services is the safest, intelligent and proactive approach to protect you, your family and your organization from travel incidents. Make accurate decisions about security in your travel plans, prevent unexpected incidents, and obtain reliable data on the risks your people face so you can make informed decisions about the safety of global business travel and operations.

  • Our assessments evaluate every possible situation in a determined area of the country of your selection. They include the level of associated risk and make suggestions to mitigate and control danger.

  • On-the-ground support. If something happens you need to be sure that there is someone that will act fast, respond and never leave you alone.

  • Private transportation. We can handle arrival/departure transportation from wherever you determine, accompany and protect you, your family or your organization, and possessions while you travel on any method you choose.

Personnel Transportation

  • Secure ground transportation solutions to large corporate clients traveling to risk areas.

  • Advanced planning and preparation logistics ensure a tier-one service.

  • Excellent communication and interaction skills.

  • Prestige & Leadership.

  • Our infrastructure includes trained Security Drivers, Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) and high-quality standard vehicles.

Extractions and Evacuation

  • Individuals who are based overseas or travel to higher risk locations face uncertainty from natural and political disasters, so employers must be ready to evacuate them immediately.

  • Fortress is a leading expert within the LATAM region, for the provision of extraction and evacuation management services, we provide a rapid response in circumstances where government and infrastructure, overwhelmed by disaster or unrest, may have ceased to function effectively.

  • Fortress deploys specialized means of transportation to extract your people and get them to a secure location.

  • Fortress maintains regional availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to meet the most critical emergency evacuation or extraction needs of our clients.

Sensitive Material or Product Escort

  • We provide premium security escort services for high value assets.

  • These assets transportation require the utmost security postures available above the standard protection offered by shipping companies.

  • Our service will ensure that your assets remain safe.

  • When it comes to high-value asset protection, Fortress offers different protective options to ensure that your property is safely delivered to your desired drop-off point.

Manned Guarding

  • The Manned Security Services provided by Fortress will make certain that you, your family, and your assets are protected from crime and violence.

  • Fortress’s Security Officers will work to protect you, your family, and your business.

  • The high-threat security solution can be tailored to suit your needs and the scale of the threat in question. When your family or associates are threatened, we can provide protection and organization security programs for the at-risk individuals.

  • All our specialized guards are continuously trained.