Fortress GSOC

Global Security Operations Center

FORTRESS GSOC services deliver high quality standard asset protection and risk mitigation through our virtual security department built to satisfy our client’s physical and operational security needs and to complement their existing resources.

The center merges diverse state-of-the-art solutions, led by FORTRESS SOS, and integrates security intelligence and analytics with technology tools that improve situational awareness and human response.


  • Real time operation 24/7/365 providing reliable dedicated specialists.
  • Track, monitor and manage critical business assets.
  • Live location GPS tracking.
  • Manage crisis and mitigate operational risks.
  • On-call Crisis Management to provide accurate and informed advice from specialist security professionals.
  • Timely, relevant & actionable intelligence to monitor incidents.
  • Bilingual monitors & analysts.
  • Global Coverage.
  • Data Fusion.
  • Operating Autonomy.
  • Immediate Response Protocols.
  • Real Time Tracking.
  • Coordination with Authorities.
  • Open-Source Analysis.
  • Crisis Management by FORTRESS SOS.
  • Real Time News Feeds and Social Media by GeoSpark*.
  • Digital Identity Protection (Enterprise, Executive and VIP, Domain & Web, E-Mail, Brand and Threat Intelligence) by ZeroFox*.
  • Executive Protection Management by MoboHubb*.

* FORTRESS RISK MANAGEMENT is a Commercial Partner and authorized dealer of these State of the Art technologies in LATAM.
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